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WSAGA 1000mm


Forming critical infrastructure as part of the Western Sydney Airport’s construction at Badgery’s Creek, a new water main around the airport was to be constructed that included a creek crossing through unstable ground.  To combat the ground condition Sydney Water proposed to undertake Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) to install a 750m section of 1000mm SDR11 Polyethylene PE112 pipe.


As the largest HDD installation of a watermain undertaken by Sydney Water, the solution was for KenKar Water to undertake the supply and on-site welding of the 1000mm polyethylene pipe.

With a long history of successful large bore pipeline projects over >20 years, KenKar Water’s ability to supply and complete on-site welding was a major factor in the selection of KenKar Water for the project.  The team at KenKar Water worked with their supply partner to source 58 x 13.5m lengths of PE112 polyethylene pipe weighing approx. 4 tonne each for the project.

The on-site welding was completed using KenKar Water’s Rothenberger P1200B butt welder after it underwent a comprehensive prequalification process prior to site establishment. 

The welding program involved the welding of two strings onsite before a final tie in weld joining them together in preparation of the pipe pull.  The custom pulling head was welded to the pipe string and attached to the drilling rig.  The pipe pull was successful and the pulling head was removed. 1000mm stub flanges and backing rings were then welded for the final pressure test that successfully passed confirming the pipe lines integrity and closing another successful large bore polyethylene pipe project for everyone involved.