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Barangaroo Cooling Water Project

Barangaroo Cooling Water Project


In the early 2000’s work commenced on the transformation of the disused container terminal on the Western Harbour into a cultural and civic hub called Barangaroo.  This once-in-a-lifetime transformation involved the construction of environmentally friendly public, residential and commercial spaces.

The construction required a cooling system that included complex discharge lines and manifolds for the mechanical services pump/plant room.  Challenges included working with corrosive seawater, dealing with structural elements such as footings and columns and a live construction site.


With corrosive seawater in the mix a polyethylene piping solution was chosen due to its inherent resistance to corrosion and marine growth.  The smooth finish of the internal pipe also helps prevent sea life from attaching to the pipe and makes cleaning the interior of the pipe easier.

With a history of successful projects in Polyethylene, KenKar Water was chosen to undertake the supply and fabrication of 450-630mm SDR17 discharge lines and custom manifolds.  The team undertook the on-site fabrication and installations in tight working conditions completing special flange connections for tidal non-return valves, removable flanged spools for cleaning access pits; and a combination of butt fusion and electrofusion welding to install pipe work.

The fabrication of the mechanical service manifolds were required to be to exact specification due to tight tolerances and angles in dimensions of the plant room.  The KenKar Water team successfully achieved this by undertaking numerous in-situ modifications, design alterations and in-situ electrofusion welding despite the tight location.