On-site Welding

KenKar provides on-site welding services up to 1200mm diameter in both butt fusion and electrofusion methods.

Our fully certified and experienced welding technicians complete every weld to industry standards with a keen focus on safety and quality.

Welding is carried out to the requirements of many standards including AS2033, WSA-01, PIPA POP001, POP003 and ISO21307 along with project specific requirements of local utility authorities.

KenKar understands better than most the crucial role that the quality of site welding plays in the overall success of PE pipeline system. With our holistic approach to supply and installation, we assure our customers receive a valuable asset that will perform as designed, and for the long term. Our on-site procedures confirm our commitment to health and safety, the environment and our belief in the quality of every weld we produce.

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Other Services

In-house and Custom Fabrication

KenKar’s in-house fabrication capability is as diverse as the jobs we complete.